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Basketball Tryouts

Girls November 6, 7, & 8  2:30 – 4:15
Boys November 6,7, & 9  4:15 - 6:00

All students must register using Family ID

Registration Deadline November 1st

Family ID Instructions
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1.  SCHOOL SCHEDULE -                        Opening of School                 7:15 a.m.
                                                                     Homeroom                             7:30 a.m.
                                                                     Closing of School                   2:15 p.m.
    Please do not drop students off prior to 7:15 a.m.  Supervision cannot be provided for
    students who walk to school or are taken to school by parents prior to 7:15 a.m. 
2. STUDENT DRESS – We are asking for your support to make sure your child dresses properly in school. Proper dress creates a good attitude and a positive atmosphere in which education becomes a priority. Please refer to Page 7 of the Student Handbook – “Dress Code.” Any questions regarding this matter should be referred to the school office

3. BUSES -  All students choosing to be transported have been assigned to buses. Because of the number of students being bused each day, students will not be permitted to ride any bus other than the one to which they have been assigned.
 4. EXCUSES -  If a student is to be released from school, it will be necessary for the parent, guardian, or other person to report to the main office and provide identification. Please do not request that a student meet someone in front of the school or in the parking lot or any other location. Students should continue to bring notes whenever a dismissal becomes necessary. If a student becomes ill, the person receiving the child should report to the main office, be verified on the child’s emergency contact list, and provide identification in order to obtain the release of the student.
5. TELEPHONES -  The number of Case Junior High School 508-675-0116. Parents my access the main office and guidance directly through the use of the menu provided. Our telephones are for the conduct of school business only, and personal calls to or from students cannot be accepted. Students will also not be permitted to make calls of a social nature.  Students will be allowed to use the phone only in emergency situations during lunch time. Student arrangements should be confirmed before or after school. The use of cell phones including text messaging is not allowed in school
6. NOTICES - Kindly stress to your children the importance of delivering to you all messages from school. All too  often, important notices and class work do not make it home. This causes much misunderstanding in our communication.  We will also make an effort to send notices via email and post all notices on our website (Joseph Case Junior High School).  We will continue to employ our “One Call System” to communicate with parents and students as needed.
7. TEXTBOOKS - Parents are asked to see that any textbooks brought home are properly covered to protect them from the elements. Students are responsible for the care and security of their textbooks. Any books shown to be abused, damaged, or lost must be replaced. (Please refer to “Student Obligations” in the Student/Parent Handbook.)
8. P.T.O. -  We would strongly urge all parents to join, support, and participate in the activities of the Case Junior High School P.T.O. Further information is forthcoming.
9. MEDICATION -  If you want your child to take or apply any type of medication during school hours, it must be delivered to the school nurse by the parent along with written permission for distribution. Please label the container with the child’s name, name of medication, dosage, and the time that it is to be administered.
10. SCHOOL MATERIALS – Please do not buy specific individual school supplies until your child has met with his/her  teachers. The Junior High staff will inform your child of the supplies needed for their individual classes. All staff will request general supplies, such as, pens, pencils, and notebooks. Please make sure backpacks will fit in your child’s locker. You are welcome to come by the school to check this out.
A.M. Arrival/Drop-Off
Our A.M.-P.M. parent/student and bus drop-off and pick-up procedure will remain the same as the 2015-2016 school year.
Parents dropping students off in the A.M. will proceed behind the school by the west driveway (by the dam) and drop students off in the rear of the building between doors #1 and #7. Students may enter the building through doors #1, #3 and #7.  When dropping students off, it is extremely helpful and more efficient if the driver pulls as far forward as possible so that as many vehicles as possible can unload simultaneously. After dropping students off, vehicles will proceed around the loop behind the Tech Ed Building and exit the west driveway that you entered. Please be courteous and patient and avoid passing others on the left or making u-turns. The safety of our children is the top priority.  During this time, through traffic around the building the building will not be allowed. At  approximately 7:25 a.m. when the buses are finished unloading at the east end of the building, traffic will be allowed to exit around the building, as well.
It is recommended that your child exit your vehicle from the passenger side doors for their own safety.  It is also recommended that your child be ready to exit the vehicle as quickly and efficiently as possible. Several vehicles may unload in the area between doors #1 and #7 at the same time. This will allow for a more efficient flow of traffic.
Students may be dropped off starting at 7:15 A.M. It is best to try to drop off between 7:15 and 7:25 A.M. to avoid traffic backup. Those students who are dropped off during this time may proceed to the cafeteria, where they will be supervised until 7:25 A.M. and released to homerooms.
The buses will utilize the east driveway and loop in the A.M. for student drop-off. Students riding the bus will enter the building through door #10.
P.M. Arrival/Pick-up
The school day ends at 2:15 p.m. Students being picked up will be dismissed at this time and are expected to be expedient  in exiting the building at the east end – door #10. Parents are asked to enter the west driveway (near the dam) and proceed around the back of the school to the designated areas (east driveway and loop) – door #10.  (Please drive slowly and cautiously).  Parents parked in their vehicles are asked to park in the designated spaces on the left side of the driveway loop. Please do not double park and impede the flow of traffic. Please face in the same direction and follow the one-way sign.  Parents are asked to refrain from parking in front of the school on Main Street and the Fire Station to pick up students.  This poses a severe safety and traffic hazard.
 The school day ends at 2:15 p.m. Students riding the bus will be dismissed and begin loading the buses in the rear of the building between doors #1 and #3 at 2:20 p.m. Traffic behind the school will be stopped as the students load the buses and the buses exit the parking lot.  Parents picking up students are asked to be at the school by 2:15 P.M.          
12.   STUDENT PHYSICALS -  All students must have a current physical on file with the school nurse in order to be eligible  to participate in athletics.
We will need your continued support, cooperation, and patience during these times to help ensure the safety of everyone.
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